Africa: The Forgotten and Exploited Continent.

Africa is suffering from lack of development, exploitation of the West, the East, and its own crooked leaders. The children of Africa are dying from easily treatable diseases, and the ones who survive the ordeal don’t the get the adequate care and education they deserve. Its infrastructure is in a state of ruin, governments are corrupt and visionless.  People of Africa are tired and on the verge of despair and hopelessness.

The world has robbed Africa of its wealth, its thinkers, and its capability and independence to make decisions that would bring concrete changes. Worst of all, Africa is being betrayed by its leaders who were elected to bring about a positive change but turn out to be puppets of the powerful

It should be a no-brainer that the very people who have enslaved us for centuries can’t be our emancipators. They can’t be the ones who design our escape plan from the trap they initially designed.  African leaders failed again and again to see that. They fail to distinguish the difference between being the leader of a continent that needs champions of its own and being the puppet of its former abuser. The solution for Africa’s problem will continue to be elusive as long as its people and leaders continue to take orders from the abusers and exploiters of Africa.

    In a world where justice and equality are paramount, the West would have paid a heavy price for its perpetual abuse of the so-called black continent but the absence of such a world should not lead to settling for nothing. The west and the other rich countries in the world have very important role to play in the revival of Africa but the decisions must be an African made.

Africa needs to reevaluate its relationship with the world. We can no longer be the market of raw materials of Europeans and Chinese factories.

Africa needs an overhaul trade policies reform. More importantly, Africa needs to unite in the effort to stand up to the bullies who have kept us in the bottom. African leaders need to take responsibility for the suffering of their people and once and for all emancipate themselves from the shackles of the western imperialism.


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