King Mansa Musa, African richest man in history from Mali – ($400 billion) net worth

King Mansa Musa, African richest man in history from Mali – ($400 billion) net worth

King Mansa Musa, African richest man in history from Mali – ($400 billion) net worth

Mansa Musa I of Mali – the obscure 14th century African king who was today named the richest person in all history.

King Mansa Musa, was raised from West African “Mali” in 1280 and his dad Faga Laye.

King Mansa Musa name has been mentioned in several Movies, scripts and

novel written around the world, because of his refund and well known personality,

and for that his name was documented as “Kankou Musa”, “Kankan Musa”,

and “Kanku Musa” meaning “Musa whose mother was Kankou.” Musa Mansa (King) Had one

wife called Inari Kunate.

During his reign in Mali, he was the 10th ruler in the Empire of Mali, came into power c. 1312,

and was given the name Mansa which mean King in the ancient Mali.

During his time, he was known and describe as one of the richest man ever in history to own $400 billion.

He ruled Ghana Empire which was conquered by the Mali Empire.

Mansa wasn’t just a King, but a warrior who conquered twenty-four cities in the Western Africa,

and also ruled all the regions of present-day Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Mauritania.

I know you will be wondering the source of his Wealth? Mansa Musa was very rich having estimated

$400 billion, he was doing business of gold and salt across West and North Africa.

King Mansa Musa, African richest man in history from Mali – ($400 billion) net worth

Having been the richest man in African History, Mansa Musa didn’t settle for less breaking history of the

longest journey on Foot about 4000 miles. He never journey alone, but with 60,000

thousand men, 12,000 slaves and each carrying 2kgs of gold bars and heralds covered in

silks who bore gold staffs, arranged horses and handled bags.

With all this, he still manage to feed all men including eighty camels each carrying

between 23kgs and 136kgs of gold dust. Okay enough of the long talks, He created

Mosque every Fridays during his long distance journey, he was a muslim.

Mansa on his everyday journey give out gold as gift to important people he see on his way,

and he also donated to Mecca, including cities of Cairo and Madina he reportedly traded gold for souvenirs.

Unknowingly, Musa Charity affected the economy of every cities he pass, and drop gifts, making gold, metals and other Commodities and goods rates inflated.

Mansa Musa on his way from Mecca he borrowed all the gold he had from the

money-borrowers in Cairo at a very high interest for the first time in Egypt.

It became the only time in history for a single person to control the rates of gold in the Mediterranean.

King Mansa Musa ruled for 25 years and died c. 1337. King Mansa Musa Son “Maghan”

inherited his wealth and took everything from him, Musa built universities and mosques in the region.

So many people around the world today visit and studied at “Sankore University.” In Mali.

Forever his history remain golden. And his net worth is still beyond $400 Billion.

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