Netflix: 5 Facts about ‘Money Heist’ you should know


5 Facts about ‘Money Heist’

Award-winning Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel’ is back on Netflix with its fourth season certainly to the excitement of teeming fans across the globe.

The new season will hopefully connect the dots on a few unanswered questions. Will Nairobi die from the sniper shot? How will the Professor swindle his way out of the well laid plan by the police?

Ahead of the anticipated season premiere, here are 5 fascinating facts about the Netflix show.

1. The title ‘La Casa de Papel’ wasn’t a first choice

Professor in Money Heist [LadBible]Professor in Money Heist [LadBible]

While ‘La Casa de Papel’ might be the most apt description for the captivating series, it was not the first choice or any choice at all. The show’s title was originally titled ‘Desahuciados’ , a Spanish term meaning ‘hopeless’ or ‘irredeemable’ which best described the crew consisting of societal rejects.

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2. The infamous Mask with its twisted moustache pays homage to Salvador Dalí

Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí was referenced in 'Money Heist'for his anti- modern capitalist views Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí was referenced in ‘Money Heist’for his anti- modern capitalist views

Salvador Dalí was a renowned Spanish artist famous for his surrealist paintings and his anti-modern capitalist views. His personality was also an issue of interest during his life time. The painter, sculptor and filmmaker was considered abnormal and despite attaining acclaim, his public behavior remained bizarre.

3. The famous ‘Bella Ciao’ soundtrack is a tribute to Álex Pina’s cultural heritage

Manu Pila‘s version of ‘Money Heist’ s theme song ‘Bella Ciao’ not only references historical facts but signifies a period in the life of the series’ creator, Álex Pina‘s life.

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While the Italian folklore was an anthem adopted for the anti-fascist resistance, Pina once revealed in an interview that it reminded him of his childhood and how its resistance impression directly reflected on ‘La Casa de Papel’ s major theme.

4. Tokyo was inspired by Natalie Portman

Tokyo's uncanny resemblance with Natalie Portman's film debut character is no accident Tokyo’s uncanny resemblance with Natalie Portman’s film debut character is no accident

Well, that’s not exactly as it sounds. Tokyo might be one of the most erratic characters in ‘Money Heist’, but she’s definitely a favourite.

The character, however, was not created from scratch. She was, in fact, inspired by Natalie Portman‘s Matilda character in the 1994 crime thriller, ‘Leon: The Professional.’

5. 50 scenarios were written for ‘Money Heist’ ‘s debut episode

Ever wondered how close to perfect the debut episode of ‘Money Heist’ was? To achieve the fantastic episode, the series’makers made writers create at least 50 scenarios.

The craze for perfection owed to the fact that the littlest detail has to reflect the story’s big picture.

Will you be watching ‘Money Heist’ season 4?

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